As a form of our participation in empowering the maritime sector in Indonesia, we already have strong experience in the shipbuilding industry. We have very adequate facilities and infrastructure to support operational activities, and are supported by competent human resources in their fields. Our main services are include:

  1. Ship Design
    In designing the shipbuilding we have received recognition from regulatory bodies and are members of the IPERINDO association (Indonesian Ship and Offshore Industry Company Association) so that all the products we produce fulfill the standards. We have produced various types of ships, including: barge, tug boat, SPOB and utility vessel.

  1. Ship Repair
    We also provide repair services for various types of ships, all work is carried out by certified and professional experts.

  1. Other Service
    ur work area is very strategic location which located in the vein of the Mahakam River and supported by good infrastructure so that it can accommodate various types of boat sizes for berthing.

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